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About SecureOnlineVote.com

The Doxim® Secure Online Vote platform was established to serve the evolving needs of its Corporate Issuer and Mutual Fund clients. For all shareholder and unitholder Annual and Special meetings, Secure Online Vote provides users with a timely, cost-effective and convenient electronic method for submitting votes.

Secure Online Vote is a simple, three-step voting process. The security and privacy of the data received and votes submitted adhere to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy stated on this site.

Doxim® offers a wide range of electronic communications solutions for the Financial Sector. If you represent a Corporate Issuer or Mutual Fund Company and are interested in our electronic and other communications services, please contact our Financial Services Team at:

Proxy Processing, Doxim Solutions Inc.
1380 Rodick Rd, Suite 102
Markham, ON  L3R 4G5
(905) 475-9876
[email protected]

Shareholders looking for more information about electronic proxy voting, please visit our Help page.