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Please Enter your 12-digit Control Number:

Note: If you have a 16-digit control number, SecureOnlineVote is not hosting the voting for your Proxy. Please double-check the website address on your form of proxy.

What is a Control Number?

The Control Number is a unique 12-digit number that was assigned to you for the purpose of voting at a particular shareholder or unitholder meeting.

If you recently received a Form of Proxy, a Voting Instruction Form or a Notification Email, please look for your 12-digit Control Number on the Form or Email.

  • Mail Recipients: the Control Number will be located at the top of the form.
  • Email Recipients: the Control Number is prominently labeled in the email message.

More Information

Our Help Page has more information regarding electronic voting.

Our FAQ has general information.

Where can I find my control number?

Your Control Number appears at the top of your Form of Proxy.